The Merlin Object-Oriented System

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Name changes:

August 2, 1999: This project has been split in two:

This is what was previously known as the "Merlin OS". This is a FREE (unlike what some of these pages say) operating system written in the Self programming language and with a reflective architecture. It will initially run on PCs with Linux, the bare PC hardware, PCs with Windows and the Merlin 6 (see below). This will be described in a new web site that is being created called "Self Projects", but most of the information in this site applies to Self/R as well.
A new company called "Merlin Computers" has been created to design low cost computers that can make the most of Self/R. The first machine, called Merlin 6 for now, is based on a custom processor design using Xilinx reprogrammable FPGA chips. Though this is a commercial product, the design will be made available to users so they will be able to understand it and even change it! A new site has been set up for the company.

October 8, 1998: Older news -


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March 5, 1998. 

a short introduction to the Project 

Answers to frequently asked questions about Merlin 

how it works: Inside Merlin 

Merlin's Museum where you can look at old prototypes 

a short introduction to Self and to Object Oriented Programming 

tiny implementation of the Self language for Linux 

a peek at what is coming up
graphical menu for Merlin Project 

Merlin, King Arthur's magician, used his great powers to help other people. Likewise, the Merlin Computer was designed to make its powers available to people with no previous experience with computers. 

Much of the complexity of modern PCs is due to historical reasons which don't make much sense considering today's technology. Though compatibility with the installed base of computers, networks and peripherals is a very important goal, this project is based on the idea that many people still don't use computers; so it is easier to change the machine's design than to change ( train ) everyone. If file systems confuse novices, for example, then it is better to replace them with a persistent object store. If huge applications are too overwhelming and brittle, then users should be able to "snap together" custom solutions from reusable objects. 


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To know:

  • why anyone would use Merlin instead of some other operating system, see the introduction
  • why Merlin was written in Self instead of C or C++, take a look at the FAQ

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