A project such as Merlin would not be possible except for the help and collaboration of many different people. Most of the ideas, for example, were developed by the people listed below and all I had to do was bring them together in a (hopefully) harmonious whole.

So I would like to thank
to whose glory this work is dedicated, for all sub-creations must be just pale tributes to His great creation

my parents
who ( among so many things ) are financing this project

the Self Group
for a great language and many good ideas
  • Bay-Wei Chang
  • Craig Chambers
  • David Ungar
  • Elgin Lee
  • John Maloney
  • Lars Bak
  • Mario Wolczko
  • Ole Agesen
  • Ole Lehrmann Madsen
  • Randall B. Smith
  • Urs Hoelzle

  • Laboratorio de Sistemas Integraveis at the University of Sao Paulo
    for being Merlin's home from 1989 to 1992 and for the continued support with computer and other resources ( the machine where these pages reside, for example )
  • Sergio Takeo Kofuji
  • Joao Antonio Zuffo
  • Marcelo Zuffo

  • Xerox/ParcPlace Smalltalk group
    for having started it all
  • Alan Kay
  • Adele Goldberg
  • Dan Ingalls

  • Sony Labs
    Apertos project, for ideas that helped move Merlin out of the "microkernel rut"
  • Yasuhiko Yokote
  • Mario Tokoro

  • OOPS Group
    of the University of Texas, for his ideas on garbage collection and persistent stores
  • Paul Wilson

  • Tunes Project
    ( an Object Oriented OS very much like Merlin ) for the interesting discussions and great ideas 
  • Francois "Rene" Rideau

  • Softec/Inova
  • Marcos Alexandre Vieira 
  • Roberto Costa Simões 
  • Andrea Terra 
  • Hélio Nunes 
  • Ruy Pinto Cesar Neto
  • Romualdo Monteiro de Barros

  • email "pen pals"
  • Kyle Hayes
  • Daniel Vainsencher
  • Rainer Blome
  • Marcio Marchini
  • Anthony Towns
  • Thierry Goubier
  • others, like Wolfgang Keil S bitterli and Harrison R. Ulrich

  • other friends
  • Fabio Cavalcante da Cunha
  • Osvaldo Vieira Cristo