"Hail, friend!"

Startled by the booming voice behind you, you turn around and see a tall man coming up the steep hillside. His careless atire, the flowing beard and long, unruly hair remind you of some hacker straight out of a 70s computer lab. From their color, almost entirely white with just a few streaks of gray here and there, a hippie from the mid 60s would seem more likely.

"What brings you out this far?", he asks. "You want an autograph from Merlin, no doubt", he ventures. "A strange custom, this is, but I have known many far worse. And I suppose it is a fitting one for this excentric age."

He plucks a large, green leaf from a nearby tree and with his bare finger scribbles a beautiful design on it. As he hands it to you, the newly formed golden letters seem to shine with a light of their own.

When you hesitate to reach out for the leaf he looks at you closely for the first time.

"Ah! So I am mistaken this time, am I? Good! It is the Great Adventure that you seek - the knowledge of Self!" he exclaims excitedly. "I should have known from the start. Though few have yet sought the marvelous path, I foresee that many soon will."

"Alas! This is not the best time in which to start" he says, shaking his head sadly. "Every two hundred years I must clean out my cave entirely lest the dust of the centuries ruin the delicate operations of my equipment. This is one of those occasions."

As you start to turn away, he says "Wait! Though it is not now possible for me to teach you the ways of Self, you can still come inside Merlin's cave and look around. You can see what kind of things you might learn there and come back when my cleaning is done, if you are really interested."

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