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re: Compiling the Self Source Code

john>   1. when i try to compile the VM source code, i get an error
john> because the file "std.h" can't be found.  this file also doesn't
john> exist as part of the Gnu compiler.  is this file missing or is
john> my Gnu compiler installation incomplete?

I think you may not have the newest GNU gcc - I'll send you a copy of
the file by mail.

john>   2. will Self ever be compatible with the Sun C++ compiler?

It was, at least for a while...if you send us a list of the things
that don't work we'll try to fix them for the next release.

john>   3. when will there be a native X version of Self that doesn't
john> use Pixrects?

The next UI will probably use XGL.  It won't be available anytime
soon, though.  Sorry.

Hope that helps,