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Compiling Self etc.

>  1. when i try to compile the VM source code

You're compiling the VM source - good on you! I haven't yet had the
time or disk space... Let me know how things turn out.

>  3. when will there be a native X version of Self that doesn't use Pixrects?

I have some limited X support going using a dynamic library.  It's
been working for most of the year. However, as it's only support for a
thesis project I tend to do only the stuff I really need :-) It does
work, and a I've sent out a previous small X library which a couple of
people used with some success.

If you really need this, I can get you a copy of my current work: I'm
hoping to put a snapshot on contrib before the end of next month - but
I've made those promises before...

> thanks!