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Self 2.0.1 available by anonymous ftp in UK

A copy of the Self 2.0.1 distribution is now available from
mushroom.cs.man.ac.uk (, in /pub/self/2.0.1.  There are
also copies of some of the Self Group's papers, the sources to the
Richards benchmark, and an archived copy of this mailing list, in
Emacs Rmail format.

UK users will probably find it faster to ftp from this site.  It's not
clear (to me, at least) whether it will be faster for the rest of
Europe -- the wire connecting the UK to the Continent is reputedly
rather thin.

Note that the distribution is broken out into the constituent files
and directories.  If you want the whole thing, cd to /pub/self and ask
for 2.0.1.tar or 2.0.1.tar.Z -- the ftp daemon will generate the
appropriate kind of file.

Mario Wolczko

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