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methodMap Class Reference

#include <codeSlotsMap.h>

Class diagram for methodMap:

codeSlotsMap slotsMap Map MapBase outerMethodMap blockMethodMap

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Public Members

byteVectorOop codes ()
stringOop file ()
smiOop line ()
objVectorOop literals ()
stringOop source ()
void setFile (stringOop f)
void setLine (smiOop l)
virtual methodMap* get_lexical_link_map () = 0
void GenSendOrLocal ( ByteCode* bc, stringOop sel)
slotDescgetLocalSlot ( fint lexicalLevel, fint index)
bool has_code ()
bool hasSubBlocks ()
u_charstart_codes ()
fint length_codes ()
oop* start_literals ()
fint length_literals ()
oop mirror_codes (oop r)
oop mirror_literals (oop r)
oop mirror_source (oop r)
oop mirror_file (oop r)
oop mirror_line (oop r)
bool containsBranch ()
bool containsLoop ()
bool containsNLR ()
IntList* accessedSlots (blockMethodMap *bmm)
fint beginningOfStatement (fint bci)
IntList* expression_stack (fint bci, bool keepArgs, fint startBCI)
IntList* expression_stack (fint bci, bool keepArgs)
IntList* expression_stack_bcis (bool debugMode)
IntList* all_blocks (OopList** literals = NULL)
IntList* blocks_upto (fint bci, OopList** literals = NULL)
void branch_targets ( bool& got_one, BoolBList** branch_targets, BoolBList** backwards_branch_targets = NULL)
int32 debug_size (oop p)
fint get_index_at (fint byteCodeIndex)
stringOop get_selector_at (fint byteCodeIndex)
virtual slotDescslots ()
oop fix_up_method ( oop obj, oop old_optimized_method = NULL, bool isOKToBashLiteralVector = false, bool mustAllocate= true, IntBList* stack_deltas = NULL)
void print_string (oop obj, char* buf)
void print_oop (oop obj)
void print_code (oop obj)
virtual void print_source ()
void print_byteCode_at (fint byteCodeIndex)
bool verify (oop obj)

Protected Members

void setLiterals (objVectorOop lit)
void setCodes (byteVectorOop c)
void setSource (stringOop s)
void fix_local_bytecodes_and_links ( oldMapList* old_maps, slotsOop outerMethod, IntBList* stack_deltas = NULL)
void fix_local_bytecodes_and_links_of_my_blocks ( oldMapList* old_maps, slotsOop outerMethod)
void fix_local_bytecodes_and_links_in_myself ( oldMapList* old_maps, slotsOop outerMethod, IntBList* stack_deltas)
virtual void set_lexical_links ( slotsOop enclosingMethod, slotsOop outerMethod, stringOop src, fint srcOffset, bool isOKToBashLiteralVector)
void set_outer_method_link_in_literals ( slotsOop outerMethod)
byteVectorOop _codes
stringOop _file
smiOop _line
stringOop _source
objVectorOop _literals


slotsOop create_outerMethod (slotList* slots, ByteCode* b, char* annotation = "", IntBList* stack_deltas = NULL)
slotsOop basic_create_method (slotList* slots, ByteCode* b, methodMap &m1, char *annotation, bool isBlock)
char* check_byteCodes_and_literals ( smi& errorIndex, IntBList*& stack_deltas, byteVectorOop codes, objVectorOop literals )

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

byteVectorOop methodMap::codes () [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from Map.

stringOop methodMap::file () [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from Map.

smiOop methodMap::line () [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from Map.

objVectorOop methodMap::literals () [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from Map.

stringOop methodMap::source () [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from Map.

void methodMap::setFile (stringOop f) [inline]

void methodMap::setLine (smiOop l) [inline]

virtual methodMap* methodMap::get_lexical_link_map () [pure virtual]

Reimplemented in blockMethodMap, and outerMethodMap.

void methodMap::GenSendOrLocal (ByteCode * bc, stringOop sel)

slotDesc * methodMap::getLocalSlot (fint lexicalLevel, fint index)

bool methodMap::has_code () [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from Map.

bool methodMap::hasSubBlocks () [inline]

u_char * methodMap::start_codes () [inline]

fint methodMap::length_codes () [inline]

oop * methodMap::start_literals () [inline]

fint methodMap::length_literals () [inline]

oop methodMap::mirror_codes (oop r) [virtual]

Reimplemented from Map.

oop methodMap::mirror_literals (oop r) [virtual]

Reimplemented from Map.

oop methodMap::mirror_source (oop r) [virtual]

Reimplemented from Map.

oop methodMap::mirror_file (oop r) [virtual]

Reimplemented from Map.

oop methodMap::mirror_line (oop r) [virtual]

Reimplemented from Map.

bool methodMap::containsBranch ()

bool methodMap::containsLoop ()

bool methodMap::containsNLR ()

IntList * methodMap::accessedSlots (blockMethodMap * bmm)

fint methodMap::beginningOfStatement (fint bci)

IntList * methodMap::expression_stack (fint bci, bool keepArgs, fint startBCI)

IntList * methodMap::expression_stack (fint bci, bool keepArgs) [inline]

IntList * methodMap::expression_stack_bcis (bool debugMode)

IntList * methodMap::all_blocks (OopList ** literals = NULL)

IntList * methodMap::blocks_upto (fint bci, OopList ** literals = NULL)

void methodMap::branch_targets (bool & got_one, BoolBList ** branch_targets, BoolBList ** backwards_branch_targets = NULL)

int32 methodMap::debug_size (oop p) [virtual]

Reimplemented from Map.

fint methodMap::get_index_at (fint byteCodeIndex)

stringOop methodMap::get_selector_at (fint byteCodeIndex)

virtual slotDesc * methodMap::slots () [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from Map.

Reimplemented in blockMethodMap.

oop methodMap::fix_up_method (oop new_obj, oop old_optimized_method = NULL, bool isOKToBashLiteralVector = false, bool mustAllocate = true, IntBList * stack_deltas = NULL) [virtual]

Reimplemented from Map.

void methodMap::print_string (oop obj, char * buf) [virtual]

Reimplemented from Map.

void methodMap::print_oop (oop obj) [virtual]

Reimplemented from Map.

void methodMap::print_code (oop obj) [virtual]

Reimplemented from Map.

void methodMap::print_source () [virtual]

Reimplemented in blockMethodMap.

void methodMap::print_byteCode_at (fint bci)

bool methodMap::verify (oop obj) [virtual]

Reimplemented from Map.

Reimplemented in blockMethodMap, and outerMethodMap.

void methodMap::setLiterals (objVectorOop lit) [inline, protected]

void methodMap::setCodes (byteVectorOop c) [inline, protected]

void methodMap::setSource (stringOop s) [inline, protected]

void methodMap::fix_local_bytecodes_and_links (oldMapList * old_maps, slotsOop outerMethod, IntBList * stack_deltas = NULL) [protected]

void methodMap::fix_local_bytecodes_and_links_of_my_blocks (oldMapList * old_maps, slotsOop outerMethod) [protected]

void methodMap::fix_local_bytecodes_and_links_in_myself (oldMapList * old_maps, slotsOop outerMethod, IntBList * stack_deltas) [protected]

void methodMap::set_lexical_links (slotsOop enclosingMethod, slotsOop outerMethod, stringOop src, fint srcOffset, bool isOKToBashLiteralVector) [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented in blockMethodMap.

void methodMap::set_outer_method_link_in_literals (slotsOop outerMethod) [protected]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

slotsOop create_outerMethod (slotList * slots, ByteCode * b, char * annotation = "", IntBList * stack_deltas = NULL) [friend]

Reimplemented in outerMethodMap.

slotsOop basic_create_method (slotList * slots, ByteCode * b, methodMap & m1, char * annotation, bool isBlock) [friend]

Reimplemented in blockMethodMap.

char* check_byteCodes_and_literals (smi & errorIndex, IntBList *& stack_deltas, byteVectorOop codes, objVectorOop literals) [friend]

Member Data Documentation

byteVectorOop methodMap::_codes [protected]

stringOop methodMap::_file [protected]

smiOop methodMap::_line [protected]

stringOop methodMap::_source [protected]

objVectorOop methodMap::_literals [protected]

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