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slotDesc Struct Reference

#include <slotDesc.h>

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Public Members

 slotDesc ()
 slotDesc (stringOop n, slotType t, oop d, oop a)
oop get_annotation ()
void set_annotation (oop a, bool cs = true)
void init (stringOop n, slotType t, oop d, oop a, bool cs = true)
bool is_obj_slot ()
bool is_map_slot ()
bool is_arg_slot ()
bool is_vm_slot ()
bool is_parent ()
stringOop assignment_slot_name ()
bool is_assignment_slot_name (stringOop n)
bool compare (slotDesc* obj)
slotDesc* shift (Map* old_map, Map* new_map)
bool verify (Map* m)
void printAugmentedName ()
char* augmentedName ()
stringOop name
slotType type
oop data
oop annotation

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

slotDesc::slotDesc () [inline]

slotDesc::slotDesc (stringOop n, slotType t, oop d, oop a) [inline]

oop slotDesc::get_annotation () [inline]

void slotDesc::set_annotation (oop a, bool cs = true) [inline]

void slotDesc::init (stringOop n, slotType t, oop d, oop a, bool cs = true) [inline]

bool slotDesc::is_obj_slot () [inline]

bool slotDesc::is_map_slot () [inline]

bool slotDesc::is_arg_slot () [inline]

bool slotDesc::is_vm_slot () [inline]

bool slotDesc::is_parent () [inline]

stringOop slotDesc::assignment_slot_name ()

bool slotDesc::is_assignment_slot_name (stringOop n)

bool slotDesc::compare (slotDesc * sd)

slotDesc * slotDesc::shift (Map * old_map, Map * new_map) [inline]

bool slotDesc::verify (Map * m)

void slotDesc::printAugmentedName ()

char * slotDesc::augmentedName ()

Member Data Documentation

stringOop slotDesc::name

slotType slotDesc::type

oop slotDesc::data

oop slotDesc::annotation

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