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Re: Self + Java - what status is ?

Randy said:
> Java objects that draw just like Self's "morphs" are downloaded through
> the socket into the client's browser. Users mouse and keyboard input as
> well as their navigational moves are also sent into the world so
> they can be reflected for all to see.
> Cool, eh?
"Cool, eh?" And no URL!? I could faint. :v) Is this thing still up for
the viewing? I've just rapidly consumed about five Self papers, and I'm
dying (well...) to try it, but I have no access to any modern Suns. (yes,
only one isn't a 680x0. :vP ) The "try it over X" link to me.sun.com
doesn't work (and if it did, it would probably be a drag :v), so your
report of a Java-accessible Self has me all curious.


                            Jon Howell
     603-643-2460 (h) 603-646-3297 (w)