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Re: Self + Java - what status is ?

Okay everyone!! Wait a minute already!

Many of you are asking to try this browser-based view of Self.

When we tried it with a large group (eight or ten) at Sun the performance
was pretty bad...but it was a summer student project!  Many of us could
not even connect, and that was from within Sun's network. It also appears
Java performance in many browsers is poor.

However!  Since there is so much interest, I MAY try to put out some
properly equipped image and a URL to which you can attach...when I
get a chance, which won't be this week!

So I'll let you all know, thanks for your interest...


> From jonh@cs.dartmouth.edu Mon Oct 14 18:15:28 1996
> Date: Mon, 14 Oct 1996 21:15:14 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Jon Howell <jonh@cs.dartmouth.edu>
> To: self-interest@self.sunlabs.com, randall.smith@Eng
> Subject: Re: Self + Java - what status is ?
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> Randy said:
> > Java objects that draw just like Self's "morphs" are downloaded through
> > the socket into the client's browser. Users mouse and keyboard input as
> > well as their navigational moves are also sent into the world so
> > they can be reflected for all to see.
> > 
> > Cool, eh?
> "Cool, eh?" And no URL!? I could faint. :v) Is this thing still up for
> the viewing? I've just rapidly consumed about five Self papers, and I'm
> dying (well...) to try it, but I have no access to any modern Suns. (yes,
> only one isn't a 680x0. :vP ) The "try it over X" link to me.sun.com
> doesn't work (and if it did, it would probably be a drag :v), so your
> report of a Java-accessible Self has me all curious.
> 	--Jon
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