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Re: Self + Java - what status is ?

There was a summer student project that made a viewer into the Self world
(now called "Kansas")

You just type the URL into the browser, and *zang!* -- there you 
are in Kansas. It is of course a multi-user shared space, and
you can see the other cursors out there, or the edges of their screen as
users pan across the space.

Self (Kansas) is running on a central machine with a socket waiting for
connections. The clients have browsers out there on the web somewhere,
and they load an applet that connects to the socket.

Java objects that draw just like Self's "morphs" are downloaded through
the socket into the client's browser. Users mouse and keyboard input as
well as their navigational moves are also sent into the world so
they can be reflected for all to see.

Cool, eh?


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> Hi!
> Some times ago Mario Wolczko wrote about
> "project this summer involving Self and Java"...
> Middle of autumn ...
> What Is status ( what's happend ),
> or it is "Top Secret" ?
> Thanks,
>   Andrei ( tandr@ptc.com )