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VMObj Struct Reference

#include <allocation.h>

Class diagram for VMObj:

ResourceObj ResourceAreaChunk NoExplicitAllocationObj CHeapObj AnywhereObj slotList simpleLookup oldMapList oTable lookupTarget enumeration_list enumeration dependencyList assignableSlotLink assignableDependencyList abstract_vframe TokenPushback Token TableIterator SourceBuffer SlotIterator ResourceMark RegisterLocator Parser ParseNode MemoryHistogram LabelSet LabelInfo InterestingMap Conversion CharPushback CListEntry CListElem BranchSet BranchInfo BoundedListTemplate StackObj PartObj zone stringTable space showVMActivity showCompile rSet mapTable generation ageTable abstract_monitor Trapdoors SlidingAverage ShowVMActivityInMonitor ShowContextSwitchInMonitor ShowCompileInMonitor ResetMonitor Profilers Profiler Processes Process PlatformWindow MonitorBar Monitor MapList Indicator HProfiler abstract_interpreter

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Public Members

virtual ~VMObj ()
virtual void print ()
virtual void print_short ()
void print_zero ()
void print_short_zero ()
void print_short_null ()
void print_null ()
virtual void oops_do (oopsDoFn f)
VtblPtr_t vtbl_value ()
void set_vtbl_value (VtblPtr_t v)
void kill_vtbl_value ()

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

virtual VMObj::~VMObj () [inline, virtual]

void VMObj::print () [virtual]

Reimplemented in abstract_vframe, abstractSlotRef, assignableSlotLink, BoundedListTemplate, CList, counterfactualSlotRef, generation, interpreter, lookupTarget, mapLookupTarget, MemoryHistogram, newGeneration, nonexistentSlotRef, objectLookupTarget, oldGeneration, Process, Processes, Profilers, realSlotRef, ResourceAreaChunk, simpleLookup, space, Stack, TableElem, Token, vframeLookupTarget, and zone.

void VMObj::print_short () [virtual]

Reimplemented in abstract_interpreter, abstract_interpreter_bytecode_info, abstract_interpreter_interbytecode_state, abstract_interpreter_method_info, abstractSlotRef, BoundedListTemplate, CList, counterfactualSlotRef, nonexistentSlotRef, objectLookupTarget, Process, realSlotRef, ResourceAreaChunk, and TableElem.

void VMObj::print_zero ()

void VMObj::print_short_zero ()

void VMObj::print_short_null () [inline]

void VMObj::print_null () [inline]

virtual void VMObj::oops_do (oopsDoFn f) [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented in AbstractByteCode, Binary, BranchSet, ByteCode, ByteCodePositionTable, CList, CListEntry, Constant, DataSlot, enumeration_list, HProfiler, Keyword, LabelSet, List, ListElement, Object, preserved, preservedArray, preservedObj, Return, Send, slotList, and space.

VtblPtr_t VMObj::vtbl_value () [inline]

void VMObj::set_vtbl_value (VtblPtr_t v) [inline]

void VMObj::kill_vtbl_value () [inline]

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