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Implementation of Self


I saw no discussion in this list about the implementation of Self.
I have a couple of ideas about that, but I'll like to know the
state-of-the-art first.

So, I know and read the two reports about what looks like the first two
versions of the compiler.  I know about a technical report which seems
to present the first results in "customization", but I haven't ordered
it yet.

I seem to recall that another paper will be presented shortly in some
OO conference, possibly ECOOP'91.  This paper seems to discuss inline

Question: am I missing something?

Joaquim Manuel Soares Baptista, aka px@fct.unl.pt, px@unl.uucp
Snail: CRIA, UNINOVA, FCT/UNL, 2825 Mt Caparica, Portugal

So long, and thanks for all the fish.