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This is the verbatim text of the interruptedCtx.h include file.
/* Sun-$Revision: 23.2 $ */

/* Copyright 1992-9 Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Stanford University.
   See the LICENSE file for license information. */

# pragma interface

class InterruptedContext {
  SignalContext* scp;
  static SignalContext dummy_scp;
  static void continue_abort_at(char *addr, bool addDummyFrame);

  // continue at addr after returning from signal handler; sets continuePC to
  // scp->sc_pc
  static void set_continuation_address(char* addr, bool mustSucceed, bool setSema);
  static void fatal_menu();
  static InterruptedContext* the_interrupted_context;
  void  set(SignalContext* sc = 0);
  void  set(InterruptedContext* ic) { scp = ic->scp; }

  char**  pc_addr();
  char* pc();
  char* next_pc(); // noop on PPC
  void  set_pc(void* pc);
  void  set_next_pc(void* npc); // noop on PPC

  int*   sp_addr();
  frame* sp();
  void   set_sp(void *sp);

  void   invalidate();

  bool  in_system_trap();
  bool  in_read_trap();
  bool  in_write_trap();
  int   system_trap();
  int   code_at_pc();
  static void  setupPreemptionFromSignal();
  // fatal menu helper fns
  static void quit_self();
  static void print_stack();
         void print_C_stack();
  static void return_to_prompt(SignalBlocker*);
# include "_interruptedCtx_pd.h.incl"

extern InterruptedContext  AbortContext;

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