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This is the verbatim text of the conversion.h include file.
/* Sun-$Revision: 23.12 $ */

/* Copyright 1992-9 Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Stanford University.
   See the LICENSE file for license information. */

# pragma interface

// Conversions handle the conversion of invalidated stack frames / nmethods
// to new (unoptimized) frames/methods.  

struct OopOopTable;

class Conversion: public ResourceObj {
  oop   result;                 // result returned by last msg send
  char* sp;                     // current SP of stack to be converted
  bool  nlr;                    // true --> was NLR, not normal return
  frame* nlrHome;               // contents of NLRHomeReg
  int32 nlrHomeID;              // contents of NLRHomeIDReg
  Stack* stk;                   // our stack
  frame* convertFrame;          // frame to be converted
  RegisterLocator* convertFrame_rl;  // saved reg addrs for frame to be converted
  frame* convertLocals;         // saved copy of convertFrame's locals
  frame* oldBlockHome;          // saved copy of convertFrame's block home
  frame* lastFrame;             // fake Self frame (see fixConversionStack)
  sendDesc* sd;                 // call site for current msg send
  bool isInterpreting;          // "converting" an interpreted frame

  OopOopTable* blockValues;     // to convert block maps
  int32 vdepth;                 // # of vframes in convertFrame
  frame* newFr;                 // current new frame
  frame* rlFr;                  // frame below current new frame, spoof of SaveSelfNonVolRegs on PPC
  RegisterLocator* newFrRl;     // register locator for new frame
  ResourceMark* rm;             // because rm can't be on the stack

  Conversion(oop r, char* s, bool n, frame* h, int32 id,
             ResourceMark* mark,
             bool isInterp) {
    result = r; sp = s; nlr = n; nlrHome = h; nlrHomeID = id; sd = NULL;
    rm = mark;
    isInterpreting = isInterp; }

  void doit();                  // do the conversion
  void convert();
  void returnToSelf(oop result, char* sp, bool nlr, frame* nlrHome,
                    int32 nlrHomeID, sendDesc* sd,  bool isInterpreting);           

# if defined(FAST_COMPILER) || defined(SIC_COMPILER)

    nmethod* convertNM;         // nmethod to be converted
    compiled_vframe** vf;               // old vframes
    compiled_vframe** newVF;    // new (converted) vframes
    nmethod** nms;              // new nmethods
    RegisterLocator* nonvols_for_caller;  // contains copies of nonvol register values needed by caller

    void init();
    void build_vfs_to_convert();
    void create_previously_optimized_blocks();
    void retarget_vfs_to_convert(frame* copiedFrame, RegisterLocator* rl);
    void copy_caller();
    void convertVFrames();
    void finish();
    void ensure_death_of_conversion_nmethods();
    void patch_caller();
    void setup_compiled_restart( char*& continuationPC,
                                 oop&   res,
                                 bool nlr_arg,
                                 sendDesc* sd_arg,
                                 bool wasUncommon,
                                 int32* uncommonPC);
    nmethod* newCodeForVframe(fint i);
    bool createFrame(fint i, nmethod *newNM);
    void copyVFrame(fint i, nmethod *newNM, bool wasInInterruptCheck);
    char* continuationPCforSend(sendDesc *sd_arg);
    void fix_new_vfs();
    void fixConversionStack_for_vframe_conversion();
    frame* fixConversionStack_for_returning_to_self( char* self_sparc_fp_or_ppc_sp, sendDesc* self_sd );
    void continue_after_return_trap_with_result( oop res, char* continuationPC, char* self_sparc_fp_or_ppc_sp );
    oop  get_result();
# endif

  void fixConversionStack(char* pc, char* sp);
# include "_conversion_pd.h.incl"

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