Pegasus 2000 - Hardware

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A very low cost "computer in the keyboard" design, this computer includes an internal floppy disk drive and connections for both high resolution computer monitors and standard TV sets. A parallel port makes connecting to all kinds of printers very simple and, with the right drivers, can also be used with widely available scanners, "web cameras", ZIP disk drives and so on.

Inside, most of the electronics is integrated into a single chip, the ARM7500FE, which includes a powerful ARM 32 bit RISC processor, a floating point coprocessor, a memory and I/O controller, video and audio outputs and other circuits. The 4MB of main memory might seem small by today's standards, but is actually more than enough for the compact software included in the system.

It is easy to include a modem and/or network interface (the Merlin 4 includes an Ethernet interface) in this design, but Pegasus 2000 is optimized for low cost standalone operation.

Estimated cost for mass production of the hardware: US$50.00 per unit.

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