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Re: Sun buys Java compiler technology based upon Self!!!

  > From Randall.Smith@Eng.Sun.COM  Thu Feb 20 20:37:03 1997

  > So the bottom line is the two phenomena combine to give one effect. The
  > "invented by a regular guy but I don't understand it" syndrome. Minimum
  > at 10 to 20 meters.
  > I believe Self suffers in Sun from IBARGBIDUI.
  > I am amazed you read this far! Probably because I am physically far away
  > from you.

No. Just because you hit the nail on the head. 
IBARGBIDUI is an infectious disease - it's already everywhere...

In a commercial company BWHTBAOOILTTBUTEIIBRG might be a cure 
(before we have to buy again our own inventions let's try to
 better understand things even if invented by regualar guys).
Good luck,

Guenter Kniesel