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advising to implement project in SELF

Dear Self Group:
                 Having read the papers in your home pages, I made up my
mind to implement my ecodesign model in SELF, I intend to generate
architectural and structural design in a context of an urban ecosystem or
the context of urban sustainable development.  The submodel consists of a
geometric modelling dealing with frieze groups, crystalographic groups,
                 In Brazil the level of object oriented programming is
very primitive. So I cannot find an adviser. Foundation of Protection to
Research offers the possibility of going abroad for six months to
implement the research. I can advance a full-fledged model at a
postdoctoral level.
                 I will be looking forward to your reply as soon as
Albertina Lourenci
Ph.D. student at Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism
University of Sao Paulo - last year.