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Re: Zippier outliner development environment?

Mario and Tim are both right. On the one hand, caching a moving
morph in the most obvious manner prevents you from seeing
the morph change while you are holding it. This would make,
for example, the core sampler much less useful. On the other hand,
many complex morphs, such as outliners, are unlikely to change
as they are being dragged. Fortunately, the architecture was set
up to allow a cached morph representation to be flushed if the morph
actually does change while it is being dragged. This enables
the best of both worlds. The trick is that damage reports are
passed up the morph hierarchy. If HandMorph is in the chain, it
can update any cache it happens to have.

Lars had suggested doing this sort of caching but performance
to a local X server was fast enough that we didn't think it necessary.

The multiuser aspects of Kansas have insignificant costs if you
are running with only one user.

	-- John