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Re: Zippier outliner development environment?

  Err -- not knowing much about how the outliner is implemented, this  
doesn't seem like a hard problem.  When you start a drag, you cache the  
'image' that is being drawn.  Assuming that you have backing-store for the  
window you are dragging over, this is a very efficient operation.

  Maybe this won't work for outliners, but it should unless they draw  
differently based on their position.


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Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 23:59:08 -0800
From: randall.smith@Eng.Sun.COM (Randy Smith)
To: self-interest@self.smli.com, cam@elliott.net
Subject: Re: Zippier outliner development environment?

> If I drag a closed outliner around over an empty portion of
> the world, I am quite pleased with the redraw speed.
> But when I start dragging open outliners around over other
> open outliners, things really slow down.

An open outliner has 15 ba-zillion morphs in it. When you carry one open
outliner over another that's 30 ba-zillion redraws coming down the

It's not really bad locally, as other Ultra users have testified.  I would
take a wild stab and guess that your bottleneck is the speed of your

If we ever do another release, you would find an optional "simple
outliners" mode.  This is good for introductory programming -- regular
outliners have become awfully decorated.  (A "simple outliner" has
somewhat fewer morphs.)

Sorry can't help much!  Best of luck,