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Re: Unprintable Postscript files

On Tue, 22 Oct 1996, Sieto Idema wrote:

> Hi there,
> I'm trying to print the postscript manuals, but the only message that
> comes out of the printer is 'Can't select requested paper size for
> Frame print job!'. It seems that my printer doesn't understand the
> paper size, and I can't change that!
> Is there anybody who can fix it?
> It's very boring to read the manuals from screen.
> Thanks in advance.
> Koen Zwikstra
perhaps you can fix it with the directions below.
I haven't tried because my printer and PostScript interpreter understand 
each other very well.
Good luck,
Douglas Atique

Tips for A4 Users

If your PostScript printer will not print the A4 PostScript files, try
deleting the following lines from the prologue. (Thanks to Ken Robinson

        FMLevel1 {
                manualfeed {setmanualfeed} if
                /FMdicttop countdictstack 1 add def
                /FMoptop count def
                manualfeed {true} {papersize} ifelse
                {manualpapersize} {false} ifelse
                {desperatepapersize} {false} ifelse
                { (Can't select requested paper size for Frame print job!) FMFAILURE } if
                count -1 FMoptop {pop pop} for
                countdictstack -1 FMdicttop {pop end} for
                {{1 dict dup /PageSize [paperwidth paperheight]put setpagedevice}stopped
                { (Can't select requested paper size for Frame print job!) FMFAILURE } if
                 {1 dict dup /ManualFeed manualfeed put setpagedevice } stopped pop }

A solution for HP printers (may work with others), is to modify all lines

s"612 792 0 FMBEGINPAGE" to "595 842 0 FMBEGINPAGE".