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Self and Smalltalk

Here are two ideas inspired by Mario's excellent Smalltalk

Wouldn't it be fun if Self+emulator could be X3J20
complient? That is, compatible with the future ANSI
Smalltalk standard. That would get some attention. I
haven't look into it (I don't have a copy of the draft)
and so don't know how hard it would be to do this.

I do know that the standard doesn't say anything about
GUI programming. Having recently tried various Smalltalks
(Smalltalk/X, Dolphin Smalltalk, Smalltalk MT) and
looked at the documentation for others I have to say
that I much prefer Self's morphic UI. Here is my idea:
wouldn't it be neat if someone ported Kansas to Smalltalk
(GNU Smalltalk, for example, which doesn't have any
built-in GUI)? I know there are several fancy window
builders for Smalltalk, but this would be really a
great alternative.

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