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Re: undefinedSelector question

Ivan Moore wrote:

> Why doesn't the 'undefinedSelector:...' run-time message include the
> sender as one of it's arguments?
> Wouldn't this allow some interesting things to be done
> (e.g. implementing subjectivity)

Is this really needed? The reason I ask is that in tinySelf
all information about the sender of the message is lost by
the time that the lookup is being done (which is when this error
could occur).

On the other hand the sender is known when the message
is being received by the object (actually by one of the
object's meta-objects). Message reception can be changed,
so maybe this could be used to implement subjectivity
instead of overriding 'undefinedSelector:'? I really
don't know because I have only a vague idea of what
subjectivity is.

-- Jecel