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Re: smallui2

On Thu, 6 Jun 1996, Andrei Tcherepanov wrote:
> Thierry,
> I cannot find it on self ftp, so please put it in "tar.gz" format 
> (if possible) on your site ( please send me URL )

you can find it on ftp://self.smli.com/mario/self/Snapshot.smallUI2.gz
(sorry to have looked inside mario's part of the ftp server)

But you need the Self 4.0 executable first.

> PS. What is Mango ?

A parser generator : takes a grammar and produce a Self object to parse
the language. Supposed to be a nice, efficient one.


P.S. : For the rest of the list... could anybody remove all thoses
unusables adresses which pop ups days after the send with a subject
"Unknown Address" or the like ? I can give a list of theses addresses (I
collect all undelivered mail on my messages).

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