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Re: self-VM documentation

Most of the documentation is in the papers and theses.  One of the
early papers (OOPSLA 89) has a list of the bytecodes.  There is a VM
reference manual included with the release documentation which has a
little information too.

The earlier papers and theses have more overview material, but they
are also more out-of-date.  I'd start with the OOPSLA 89 paper by
Chambers, Ungar and Lee, and then look at Elgin Lee's thesis (which I
think you'll have to get through Stanford; we don't have a PostScript
copy).  For an overview of the current compilation system, see
Urs Hoelzle's thesis. 

After that, there's always the source code :->


   From: we37394@is1.vub.ac.be (Dimitri Van De Putte)
   Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 11:26:57 +0100 (MET)


   I'm doing research for my thesis on various virtual machines. I'm looking
   for documentation on the seff-VM. I 've already downloaded some papers
   from the Self-homepages. Can somebody help me with other references to
   papers or technical documents. I'm particulary interested in the op-codes
   and a description of the virtual machine.


   Dimitri Van de Putte, a new Self-fan.

   Dimitri Van de Putte.
   we37394@vub.ac.be, Free University of Brussels.