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Multiscale Kansas?

Its great that the list is back online - I have
been saving a number of questions to ask here!

I think it is really great that the Kansas user interface
has been positioned as a remote education project! What I
wanted to ask is if a multiscale Kansas would be a good
idea (multiscale interfaces are also called "zooming
interfaces" or "fractal interfaces" as in Ken Perlin's
PAD - http://www.cs.unm.edu/pad++/begin.html).

I looked at these types of interfaces a few years ago
and was very impressed, but decided to continue working
with 3D instead. But it does seem a good match for the
kind of things that Kansas tries to do.

Another question if from a friend of mine: why was Mergesort
chosen for collections in Self? I think Heapsort is also
used sometimes, right?

- Jecel