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Re: deadProxyError?


How's it going?

At 7:41 PM 11/6/95, Cameron Elliott wrote:
>I am trying to write an HTTP server under Self, and am having a couple
>of problems.
>First, the Self VM is receiving a SIGPIPE when my application tries
>to write to a pipe that the other end has closed, and this
>causes a stack dump, searching through the system it looks like
>the Self world doesn't have to much of an interface to the unix
>signals mechanism, so it looks like I'm going to have to issue a
>or whatever the call is to ignore a signal, and then exec
>the Snapshot with my http server. (This is fine)
>The problems I having are:
>I keep getting deadProxyError, and I don't what this is.
>After playing with my application a while I keep losing the ability
>to connect to a well defined port.
>(Somehow something is running somewhere in the Self VM which is
>still holding onto the port.)
>And when I 'start' my application again, I get a 'EADDRINUSE' error,
>even though as far as I can tell, the unixFile is (dead).
>I don't have a clue what the solution to the deadProxyError is,
>and it seems the key to fixing the EADDRINUSE problem is to find out
>what is holding onto my well known port address, and release it.
>And hints, clues, or experience is invited.
>Cameron Elliott

-- Dave