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Re: a whimsical question

Arata Kubota =?ISO-2022-JP?B?GyRCNVdKXUVEGyhCIBskQj83GyhC?= wrote:
> Is Spy of Self 4.0 written in Self?

No, it is written in C++.

> If not (probably not...),
> can it or similar utility be written in Self and how slow will it be?

I don't think that speed would be the problem, but rather that
the "reflective calls" included in the virtual machine don't
give enough details for this application.

> Can it be written in Self without making the system heavily loaded?

One problem of having this program load the system is that it would
distort the results we are interested in - the observer changes
the system being observed. That would be worse than any slowdown
in the other applications, in my opinion.

> -- just a whimsical question of a Self lover who is interested in
>    the relationship between program execution monitoring and reflection

The problem is exactly the presence of some "holes" in Self 4.0's
reflection facilities. Nothing that would be hard to fix, though.

- Jecel