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Aha! How to view Self Sparc code

Alright, so no one answered my question on how to 
view the Sparc code under Self 4.0, so I had
to figure out how to do it.  :(

Here is what I was able to grok from snooping around:

To find the 'Nobjects' for a certain receiver, selector pair try:

_FindNmethodsRcvr: 9 Selector: 'printString'.

Where 9 is the receiver type where you wish to see the nmethod objects
for, and the selector is 'printString'.

Then from the output in the startup window, choose an NMethod object
to view the code for, and issue this prim.

16rdeadbeef _PrintNMethodCode

Where 16rdeadbeef is the address from the startup window of the
actual NMethod object you want the code on.