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Re: wish list


I really like your list.  A couple of comments....

>  - HotSelf: a great (but simple) addition would be to be able to
>    include Self code in www pages. All you would have to do is
>    grab the text over the net and "runscript" it. No security, of
>    course :-)

Dave and I sat down and added this in about 15 minutes!  Press a 
button and end up with some new self object in your hand.

> Please note that my list doesn't include things like "a system-wide
> undo" because these things, while really needed, are best done by
> enhancing the virtual machine.

Would like to hear your ideas on this one in particular.  What are you
thinking?  A redo of the assignment primitive to keep a reference to the
last N old values ??