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Re: Self X demo

Thanks for the comments, Mark.  We've hearing of very mixed
experiences, usually correlated to network delays.  Yours has been the
most positive.  So far I get the feeling that nobody outside of N
America is going to get acceptable response times, but I hope I am

A couple of points I'd like to address:

   > It was quite usable, though a bit sluggish,
   > especially the first time any particular menu came up.  Are you cacheing
   > these in the X server or am I seeing the compile delay?  

The snapshot already has object code for menu-drawing -- my guess is
that the delay is due to your X server constructing an appropriate

In general we're seeing quite a lot of font problems (unavailable
fonts resulting in font substitutions).  The group here uses Self in a
very uniform environment (Solaris/OpenWindows), so it's no surprise
that using it on a wide variety of X servers is causing trouble.  

   > * I couldn't get the web browser to work - some error about unable to reach
   > the host in the URL I gave it.  Since it was a machine on the same subnet I
   > was running the demo on, and URL into our public web server, this is
   > probably a firewall/filter problem on your end.

Could you send me the URL? 

I'd encourage anyone who tries using the Self server to mail me,
Randy, the Self group (self@self.sunlabs.com) or this list with a
brief report of their experience, and any comments or suggestions.