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Re: Notation for delegation in OMT or BOOCH

>>>>> "Mulet" == Mulet Philippe 40448387 <mulet@info.emn.fr> writes:

    Mulet> I am working on meta-object protocols for controlling and
    Mulet> extending the semantics of message passing.

    Mulet> As such, Pierre Cointe and I, defined a prototype-based
    Mulet> language, close from Self at first, without any delegation,
    Mulet> but supporting a full reflective model.  Then, we extend
    Mulet> this model only by involving its reflective facilities, so
    Mulet> as to provide single delegation, multiple delegation,
    Mulet> caches, ...  in an incremental way.

    Mulet> If you are interested, I can give you more information,

This sounds very interesting. Is there a WWW or ftp site with
information about your work ?