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Re: consistency in Self

> Maybe this is an extreme point of view - but don't you think it's inconsistent
> that you can't have a parent slot 'implemented' as a method?
> OK - so it might be a bit slow - you'd have to call the parent slot method(s)
> for an object for every message it received.
> Does anyone agree?
> Ivan.

No, I don't think it extreem: it's also bothered me for the very
consistency reason that you point out.

Should the method in the parent slot be evaluated when a message lookup
has to go through that slot?  If so, why? And if so, what if that method
sends subsequent messages to self that don't match directly in the
receiver?  Infinite regress city.

But maybe the method in the parent slot is not evaluated when it is
looked up through (new verb form there). If not, why not? And is there
some utility to having parent as a message be different from parent
used in lookup?

These thoughts have always bogged me down.