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Smalltalk interpreter of Self


I don't know if somebody may be interested, but Fred Rivard and me
wrote in 1991 an interpreter of Self 1.0 in Smalltalk 2.5 (Ultimardrev
Self).  It contains a parser of the full Self-syntax, that was able to
reload most of the system files, for generating the initial Self
world. The sources may be available.

Then starting from this interpreter, Pierre Cointe, Jacques Malenfant,
Christophe Dony and me have extended its virtual machine to decompose
message sending according to the lookupOapply model, supported by a
meta-object protocol. This is an alternative to limited mirrors for
reflecting upon Self.

Actually, we are defining our own full-reflective plateform, Moostrap,
inspired by some Self constructions, and we would be very interested
by any experience with reflection in Self.

Philippe Mulet.

    Philippe Mulet                      Phone: +33-40-44-83-87
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    44049 Nantes Cedex 04
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