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Re: Security in Self

I believe that most security is really what I call encapsulation. That
is security for the protection of the viewer rather than for the
object. What is required is a way of saying the following objects
are only visable on special request.

Many methods within a class should be what I call guests. That is they
live in your house but don't own it, they can't use your private
stuff. Allowing any method declared within a class to view the private
parts of the class gives out priveledges where not required. It should
be easy to declare guest methods.

Further a method dealing with three matrices may only require private
access to one of them, giving out priveledges to the function not
the parm like C++ is excessive. Beyond that the private access may
be for a short duration, or only cover a few private objects. It
should be easy to state which and when.