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globals considered harmfull.

>>>>> "Ian" == I R Woollard <I.R.Woollard@bnr.co.uk> writes:
    Ian> - it is closer to the smalltalk model, hence easier to learn

  While true, Self *isn't* Smalltalk, and there are definite gotchas like:

    Ian> Currently: - accidently forgetting the copy is a real screw
    Ian> up, you end up modifying the prototype

    Ian> p.p.p.s. Long term, languages are port or die. How portable
    Ian> *is* Self?

  I keep thinking about reviving the Sun3 code, but I'm in the middle
of the NetBSD Sun3 port, so... it will get ported to NetBSD-m68k
instead. (Which means hp300, Amiga, other things) This should also
make it easier to port to NetBSD-i386: at least only the code
generator will need changes. The big trick, alas, is the all important
Windoze/OS2-PM port.

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