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Re: catagorizing traits objects

> Wow, sounds neat!
> Please keep us posted.
> Thanks
> Dave Ungar
I will certainly post here all the results I get as soon as I have
any. This should be in a few weeks ( I've been saying that since
January :). I do have some published papers on this, but it is all
in Portuguese. Too bad I won't be able to share my implementation
for more people to test as it runs on the Merlin IV computer and
there is currently one of those ( I do my own hardware, assembler,
etc. which does not help speed things up :< - at least I gave up
designing my own processor :) ). After this is running on one
machine, it should be easier to port to others via smalltalk-like
cloning. I plan to have a reduced version of Self running on a
64 processor ( 68020 ) machine in the next few months - this is
what the papers I mentioned are about.
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