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Re: Problems with XOpenDisplay

mcr@ccs.carleton.ca (Michael Richardson) writes:

>  I originally had problems with XOpenDisplay (and thus xlib display
> open:, and thus viewManager open:) not working immediately. It would
> usually work the second or third try.
>  James Nobel's navel code tried 25 times before giving up.

Yes - I've had this problem for a while now (over a year, anyway), and
I just loop around display: open for a while. I think I sent
_something_ off to the bugs list when this first came out. 

Urs Hoelzle <urs@otis.stanford.edu> writes:

> In case there are any X hackers out there who really know what's
> going on, we'd certainly appreciate any suggestions for a real fix.

Um, no, and ever since I found the workaround I stopped worrying about
it :-) I guess the same applies at your end

I've had a look in the latest Xlib (which seems to be a lot bigger
than the last time I looked at it :-). The code seems to do five
retries on ECONNREFUSED within the connect call during XOpenDisplay,
but doesn't handle anything else in the connect, in particular EINTRs.