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improved Xlib support for Self 2.0.1

Improved Xlib support is now available for Self 2.0.1, in the ftp
contrib directory.

>From the README:

  This package provides improved Xlib support for Self release 2.0.1.
  The Xlib primitives are now dynamically linked (release 2.0.1 has
  statically linked Xlib primitives).  Many primitives have been added;
  in particular, drawing primitives are now present.  In addition, it
  should be simpler to add new Xlib primitives by following the examples
  present in xlibTemplates.self and using xlib_glue.make (see the manual
  for details about glue).

  This package is compatible with release 2.0.1, including the ui.
  The interface to some of the Xlib objects may have changed slightly.