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Re: Where to use SELF - your opinion

John wrote:

> I'd like to see a single memory-safe language with a flexible,
> discretionary type system. During exploratory development, type
> errors could be discovered at only at run time. As parts of the
> system become mature and stable, the programmer could add type
> annoations to help the system find errors and to make the program
> more understandable to the reader. Type errors would be reported
> but could be ignored if the programmer chose to run a partially
> correct program. Ralph Johnson's typed-Smalltalk was supposed to
> do some of these things but I'm not sure how far he got with it.

I think you may be confusing TS with Cecil.  Cecil does (or is intended to do)
exactly what you describe.  TS's incremental types are low-level performance
enhancers and were unsafe as implemented.  TS had signature types, but I think
these must be added everywhere to use them.  Its type inferencer was very slow.

-- Craig