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Ordered Collections

We just submitted an implementation of ordered collections to the
contrib directory.  Use anonymous ftp to download it to your current
directory as follows:

  - Do 'ftp otis.stanford.edu' or 'ftp'.
  - Use 'anonymous' as the name and 'ident' as the password.
  - Do 'cd pub/contrib'.
  - Do 'get README-orderedCollection1.0'.
  - Do 'binary'.
  - Do 'get orderedCollection1.0.self.Z'.
  - Do 'quit'.
  - Do 'uncompress orderedCollection1.0.self.Z'.

See the README-orderedCollection1.0 file for more information.  They
should work in Self 1.1 or later.  They could easily be made to work
in Self 1.0 (only the _AddSlotsIfAbsent: would have to be changed).
If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at the
addresses below or via self-interest.  Hope these are useful.

- Eric Arseneau :) eat@scs.carleton.ca
- Danny Epstein    dje@scs.carleton.ca