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An evaluator within the UI

We would like to announce the release of our evaluator.  The latest
version can be found in the public 'contrib' directory.  The evaluator
is an addition to the SELF user interface which provides a command line
within the user interface from which expressions can be evaluated.  The
evaluator runs under SELF version 1.0 only.  It cannot run under SELF
1.1 because there is no postProgrammingAction.

How to download the evaluator to your current directory:

  - Do 'ftp otis.stanford.edu' or 'ftp'.
  - Use 'anonymous' as the name and 'ident' as the password.
  - Do 'cd pub/contrib'.
  - Do 'get README-evaluator1.0'.
  - Do 'binary'.
  - Do 'get evaluator1.0.tar.Z'.
  - Do 'quit'.

Read the README-evaluator1.0 file for instructions on how to use the
evaluator.  If you have any comments, complaints, or suggestions,
please contact use at the addresses below or via self-interest.  Have

name:		Danny Epstein		Eric Arseneau
e-mail:		dje@scs.carleton.ca	eat@scs.carleton.ca