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Re: postProgrammingAction

> We no longer see any documentation on postProgrammingAction, and it
> seems to have disappeared from the image also.  Until the programming
> primitives return normally, is there any way to use them from within a
> program?

Yes, we cut postProgrammingActionfrom 1.1 because it was such a hack
and we didn't think anybody would use it ;-)  Plus it didn't really
work in all situations, and real "programming" is close.

I suggest you live with either of the following workarounds:

1)  Use Self 1.0 and wait for the next version which includes

2)  Use _RunScript to do the job, i.e. write the string to be evaled
    to a file, followed by a line like "myUI restart".  This will work
    because Self keeps reading from the script file until EOF (or
    until some error occurs).

Hope that helps,