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Re: some interesting behaviour

> On an sun3/80:
> > 'Snapshot' _ReadSnapshot
> > minInt
> 12
> > minInt _Print
> -536870912
> 0
> > 
> Any ideas?

The problem is with the Sun-3 implementation of _IntMod; it overwrites
a register and therefore leads to unpredictable results.  If you avoid
using _IntMod on the Sun-3 (e.g. by redefining % using _IntDiv),
everything should work.

Speaking of the Sun-3: who "out there" actually uses the Sun-3 version
of Self?  Who could not use Self if there were no Sun-3 version?
Please send me a short note.

> Also, I have a set of stream objects (as in Smalltalk, vector & list
> streams, with a few extras) - about 500 lines. Is anyone interested in them?

Sure.  We should install a repository for Self shareware on otis; I'll
probably do that with the new release (e.g. a writable pub/contrib