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The SELF Group
CIS, Room 209
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305
Dear Mr. Ungar,
     I just read through my November 1990 issue of SIGPLAN NOTICES; and,
I could not help but request to be on you mailing list for the SELF Group.
     I am currently involved in a project that entails designing and
imlementing a platform/GUI independent compiler for an as yet undefined
language.  I have already anonymously ftp'ed the manuals for SELF from
otis.standford.edu.  However, it would be most appreciated if you were to
include me on the mailing list for SELF.
     My address is
                     Benjamin Tucker
                     WMS, Incorporated
                     1551 Tenaya
                     Las Vegas, Nevada 89117
                     telnet:  tucker@clark.nscee.edu
     Thank you in advance.
Sincerely Yours,
Benjamin Tucker