Jecel Assumpcao Jr's Bookmarks

OS Projects

Here is what I and my competitors are doing...

Merlin Home Page
My project - no surprise that it is the first in the list :-)
The Tunes project
This project has objectives very much like Merlin's, but depends on ideas like formal proofs for security
Apertos: the Reflective Object-Oriented Operating System
The "classic" reflective OO OS
Be Welcome!
A very interesting system, that has a description very much like Merlin's. The implementation is *much* more conservative, however
Tao Systems
They were doing virtual machine code before Java
ETH Zurich / Oberon Home Page
Open Implementation Home Page
These pages include the best explanation I have seen so far about Reflection
The Synthetix Project at OGI
The main idea here is to have software that adapts to its current use
KeyKOS Home Page
The EROS Operating System
An adaptable operating system based on strong typing
The Spring System.
Sun's OO OS project - a lot like the old capability based projects
Amoeba WWW Server
Probably the inspiration for many distributed OSes
The Globe Project
2K: An Operating System for the Next Millennium
TAOS-like Java competitor from the great minds that brought us Unix
ShagWare Online Software
Linux Documentation Project
A great starting point for everything there is to know about Linux
The Official AfterStep HomePage
GNU OpenStep
A neat effort to create a free implmentation of the NeXT OO OS that will run on top of coventional systems
GNU Hurd information
GRUB -- GRand Unified Bootloader
The LispOS Project
The Flux Operating System Toolkit


Merlin is both software and hardware. So are these.

Acorn Home Page
Neat low cost systems. The Merlin IV prototype was very much like these.
Ziatech Corporation's Home Page
Industrial computers and great information about the CompactPCI standard
Wearable Computing Intro Page
Wearables Central: Hardwear,, UTWCHI, and Steve Mann's Personal Web Page/research
The Gadgeteer - Home
PLEB: Pocket Linux Embedded Box
Got a Match?
World's Smallest Web Server


Merlin makes no clear distinction between language and OS


References to the Smalltalk-80 language

Self Home Page
The language used in Merlin - it gets better all the time!
JSelf - Self for the Java Virtual Machine
mySelf Home Page
OpenSelf project
There are two versions - the commercial one and a free demo. The demo version is great!
ST/X Product Introduction
Squeak Smalltalk Mailing List & Resources
Smalltalk-76 Programming System
MathMorphs home
Dolphin Smalltalk
New Smalltalk for Windows
Smalltalk MT
ObjectShare (was ParcPlace-Digitalk)
LearningWorks Home
Open Directory - Computers: Programming: Languages: Smalltalk
Dave's Smalltalk FAQ
Everything you ever wanted to know about Smalltalk but didn't know who to ask
Smalltalk Overview
Smalltalk And Object Technology Links
Welcome to STIC
The second try at making a standard Smalltalk
The Smalltalk Developer's Site
Smalltalk Systems
Pocket Smalltalk


A language to teach and to learn

This Logo allows all kind of neat things with parallel turtles! Too bad it only runs on Macs
MSW Logo
A great implementation of Logo. Free!
The Logo Foundation
Has the Logo Update newsletter and other neat stuff
Logo Computer Systems Inc. - Opening Page
The Berkeley Boxer Project -- Home Page

Neat use of C as a target language for a compiler
A Lisp through the Looking Glass
GC FAQ -- draft
This will collect all your doubts about GC
Runtime Code Generation (RTCG)
The BETA Home Page
The best statically typed language around!
Related to Self, but uses reflection at several levels
Welcome to ERights.Org
Misa Home Page
A project to develop a new language - heavily based on Common Lisp
Leda Project
Mixes Object Oriented Programming, Functional Programming and Declarative Programming
Programming Language Exploration
Has tutorials on several languages
Prototype-Based Languages
Special Interest Group For Prototype based Languages
prototype-based languages
Codeworks -- Introduction
Programming Language Research
papers of various aspects of language implementation
How to get in the Java frensi using Linux

User Interface and Media

how the system actually looks like

The MLI Project
"Magic Lenses" - a Xerox project with many neat ideas, some of which are similar to those developed for Merlin
Media Research Lab
CSL Home Page
Criterion technologies - 3D graphics
Multipath Movies - Home
Video Rewrite
Free Film Project
Chalmers Medialab | 3Dwm | Home
comp.speech WWW site
List of All Benchmarks


educational resources on the web

Welcome to Reinventing Schools: The Technology Is Now!
time to change education
PROINFO - Informatica na Educacao - Home Page
Welcome to Engines for Education
Middle of Nowhere by Brad Cox
in portuguese - helps business and universities get together
eSchool News Online

Research Labs

where the action is at

LSI - Laboratorio de Sistemas Integraveis
Merlin's home from 1989 to 1992
Stanford CVA Home Page
J machines and other great things
MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Home Page
There is no lack of great stuff here!
RSFQ Laboratory Home Page
Sony Computer Science Laboratory inc.
Where the Apertos OS is being developed, but all of its projects are interesting
Yonezawa Lab WWW Server
OOPS Research Group
The best collection of papers on garbage collection and memory management
Welcome to SOR
Servidor WWW - Edugraf
Do objects and children mix? This Brazilian lab has the answer
The Magical Web
Home of Telescript - they could have beaten Java
Nied's Home Page
Logo in Portuguese
CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
Utah CS facilities

News and Books

Stuff to read online

Byte Online Home Page
Object Currents
Objects for every taste.
Upside Home Page
The business side of high technology
Game Developer Magazine
Graphics and other fast things
Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution
THE CEREBRAL CODE by William H. Calvin (MIT Press 1996)
Simulating Humans -- The Book
Stack Computers: the new wave -- an on-line book
Not the most popular, but still the most fun
Computer Aids for VLSI Design
Computer Design Magazine


What is happening?

SBAC-PAD'99 Homepage
references to material about OOPSLA conferences
Object Oriented Programming Systems and LAnguages - wish I could go!
ECOOP'95: General Home Page
ECOOP'96: General Home Page
must have been great - the European OOPSLA
ECOOP 97 Workshop
IWMM'95 top-level WWW page
ISOTAS '96 Home Page
HOT Chips Symposium
latest news about CPUs
SBLP'97 -- II Simpůsio Brasileiro de Linguagens de ProgramaÁ„o


We can't build hardware or run software without them!

CPU Info Center
All the CPUs you have never heard of
VLSI Microprocessors: A Guide to High-Performance Microprocessor Resources
VLSI Microprocessors: A Guide to High-Performance Microprocessor Resources
Welcome to TriMedia
information about the VLIW Trimedia chip
The Freedom CPU Project
An attempt to do for hardware design what GNU did for software
Welcome to the MOVE project
MicroUnity Systems Engineering Home Page
Multimedia chip
another Multimedia chip
Mitsubishi Semiconductor Site - M32R/D Microcontroller
Rambus Home Page
fast memory with few pins
Sharp Microelectronics Group
LCDs and other things
Advanced RISC Machines
cheap but good CPUs
Motorola Semiconductor Products Design-NET
StrongARM Microprocessors: Products
Multiplication in FPGAs
The Berkeley IRAM Project
The MOSIS Service Home Page
let's make our own chips!
Interactive Design and Simulation System homepage
Links to VLSI WWW Servers
NorthArk Electronics Links Page- info,resources,schematics,software,and other links related to Electronics
Welcome to MicroDesign Resources
you can search for long lost chips here


fun is in the eye of the beholder, of course

The J.R.R. Tolkien Information Page
fantasy master Tolkien thought up many of the host names now in use in the internet!
Susan Home Page
comics character meets Science Fiction
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
Mr. Video Productions Home Page
Another Star Trek site
The Continuum Home Page
A great starting point for Star Trek
The TRON Page
The Ultimate TV & Movie MIDI Page
Welcome to Soundtrack Street
99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall
Flštman - [the tao of programming]
Internet Programming Contest
seems to have been a little delayed...
Dave's Video Game Classics

Indexes and Lists

no lack of these on the internet

Everything you wanted to know about everything
United States Patent and Trademark Office
recent patents. Software patents too, which is bad for the industry
IBM Patent Server Home Page
STO's Internet Patent Search System
look up patents
Operating Systems Project Information
the great operating system project list
Linux Search Engine
List of FPGA-based Computing Machines
programmable hardware
The WWW Virtual Library: Conferences
more events than you can possibly attend
The Human-Languages Page
the other kind of languages
The Language List
programming languages
Index to Object-Oriented Languages
object oriented programming languages
Index to Object-Oriented Information Sources
other object oriented information
Cetus - Some Links: Object-Orientation
OpenDoc Part Ideas
a prototype of future object libraries
Nathan's Everything Macintosh
everything you need to know about the Macintosh
Cryptographic Algorithms
CFD codes list
3D Graphic Engines
free and commercial 3D engines and online documentation
3DSite: vrml-links
VRML information

People's Pages

neat information people put on the web

Rainer Blome's Bookmarks
he sure gets around on the web!
John McCarthy
Seymour Papert
Butler W. Lampson
Jef Raskin
Mario Wolczko's home page
Ted Kaehler's Homepage
Eric Raymond's Home Page
jargon file, old stuff and fun stuff
Henry Baker's Papers
An amazing collections of papers about languages and garbage collection
Ted Nelson's Home Page
Jeff Sutherland's Object Technology Home Page
object news
Welcome to I, Cringely
Chaos Manor Musings
Don Knuth's Home Page
Steve Novack
Brian Foote
Dan Bricklin: The personal web site of the cocreator of VisiCalc
John Paul Jacob's Home Page on Informatics


Organizations that publish information about standards used to build computers

SCIzzL Overview
PC/104 Consortium Information
IEEE Std 1355-1995
Universal Serial Bus Home Page
PCI SIG Home Page
PCI bus - comming soon to a computer near you
1394 Trade Association
Firewire - the next hot thing
IM1 MPEG-4 Version 1 platform independent player
Welcome to DAVIC
MHEG-5 Users Group

Computer History

Various "blasts from the past". You can't know where you are going unless you know where you came from.

As We May Think
The future of computing, as it looked 50 years ago
Turing's Treatise on Enigma
The Analytical Engine
Historic Computer Images
see how it all began
The Machine That Changed the World
My Alto Archive
Primeval C: two very early compilers
Homebrew Computer Club
SPACEWAR - by Stewart Brand - Fanatic Life and Symbolic Death Among the Computer Bums.
The Dot Eaters - Classic Video Game History
ACM Classic of the Month
Planet Sinclair

Air and Space Travel

The Final Frontier - in real life

Flying Contraptions
SoloTrek Exoskeletor Flying Vehicle by Millennium Jet Inc.
The Personal Rocket Belt - Humans can FLY like Superman - Without Wings!
Gas Turbine Builders Association
Tesla's TurbineThe Tesla Bladeless Boundary Disk Turbine, Tesla Technology today
Jets, Turbines and Rockets Page
Break Through Propulsion Physics
Antimatter Space Propulsion at Penn State University (LEPS)
DC-X Menu
Welcome to the LTRS server.
The First Millennial Foundation
working to make it possible to move into space


can't avoid this...

Trimaran Project Homepage
Welcome to Worlds Inc.
realtime 3D chat
Open Community
The Lessons of Lucasfilm's Habitat
ScrumWeb Home Page
The Programmer's Stone
Sebrae Nacional
in portuguese: helps small companies
Sub-$ Registry
Counterpane Homepage
Virtual Tourist World Map
more information about the physical world
Guia Floripa - Ilha da Magia
Universal Networking Language
L. Peter Deutsch in conversation with Stig Hackvšn
Women and Computer Science
half of the world's population can't be wrong!
Adrian Thompson's Hardware Evolution Page.
Ask Jeeves Home
What are Munchkins? by Rohit Khare and Adam Rifkin
CadSoft Online: Home of the EAGLE Layout Editor

Personal Toolbar Folder


Computer Architecture
OpenCollector Database
The Programmer's File Format Collection
Creating your own Operating System